Top 5 Custom Suit Design Details of 2022

Top 5 Custom Suit Design Details of 2022

Frankly, we’ve all done this - we overtake the guy we have been trailing (and whose back we have been staring at) for 2 laps whilst thinking “I wish I had thought of adding a suit design detail like this guy’s to my own race suit.”

Some custom suit details are just head-turners. Today we’d like to compile a list of design choices we saw in 2022 that resonated with us, which we also hope would provide you with inspiration for your next custom suit.

Base Colours

While most suits we create use a black or white base with sharp colour highlights, Kristian’s suit strays from the norm and opts for a colour palette that is both bold and playful. We particularly enjoy the gold yellow collar, which tops off this head-turning, unique colour combo.

Fluro Colours

Building upon the idea of bold colour palettes is the use of fluro tones. EGP Racing Team’s team suit uses a liquified zebra-like pattern that also includes a healthy dose of neon yellow, making it one of the more memorable designs we’ve had the pleasure of creating in 2022.


Gradients are one of the best uses of heat sublimation print, as it takes advantage of the print technique’s high ability to display high-definition graphics. A gradient like Sienna‘s is a perfect example of an ultra smooth colour transition from gold to orange, then to pink.

We also love to use this technique to mimic a metallic-like appearance. As seen on Bodart’s suit, a gradient is used to make the driver's name appear golden and shimmery.

Personal Logo

A one-of-a-kind suit goes a long way to building one’s race brand, and nothing makes a suit more unique than detailing it with your own logo. Heat sublimation print again is able to perfectly execute finely detailed logos, like the one Royce sports on his suit.

We also want to shout out Matt’s suit, which proudly displays his signature on his belt, in lieu of the more commonly seen printed driver name.

Home Country-Inspired

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of representing your nation in international competitions. When Thomas requested from us a design to complement the flag of his home country of Germany, we couldn’t be more excited to outfit him in this classic design.


Do you have custom suit ideas of your own? Feel free to reach out to for your free custom suit design draft.

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Top 5 Custom Suit Design Details of 2022

Top 5 Custom Suit Design Details of 2022

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